Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Thought

They gush through the nostrils of a giant one
Rising above the clear skies
Black and white, faded and chrome
millions of them call it a home.

My mind is like a whirlwind of thoughts
sometimes clear like a river, calm like a lake
sometimes like a tornado rooting out the trees on its way.

This is the place I love to be and these are the woods where I get lost
Powerless as they seem they drive the world
call it a poem or call it a thought

It flows through one and affects them all
Matures and evolves by feeding on its own
How are they born?

What is their existence?
An infant of thought can change the game

My mind is like a leaking barrel of ale
Missing the seconds and pass right by
I run to catch one and others leave
But the one that remains is quite a heave

They help me change and help me unroll
Holding their grip on my fickle perception
They form a story and help me define my person

Stories are the one that creates our character
Just so because we are on a huge stage and playing a part
It begins to be our life and we become the story
For the story remains even though we perish

Let thee not be stopped by the fear of judgment
Thoughts are rare and graceful
Washing your worries away and give way for hope
Help you nourish and keep you alive
Going the distance as they make thee wise

Older I get, wiser I be
And its the thought that wets the sword
Until I die I think and I share
For sharing changes me and the folks I meet

Take my words and mark my advise
Pull a deep breath and try to fall into a deep slumber
Let it go like you are falling from the sky
Let yourself away from the gloom
Free thyself from the abyss of ignorance

Wake up to be a new soul
Cleansed from the darkness and you shall bloom
Words are strong and mankind is a tool
Look out for the world and it shall look after you

Leave the shell as soon as you can
There is a whole new world out there waiting for you in a different land
Learn the ideas and discuss the thoughts
Praise the silence and nature of god

Let it rip through you and thy soul to see
For you are more than what you think you can be.