Monday, November 3, 2014


I want to run, I want to hold
Frolic and Chase the dreams untold.

I want to taste, I want to trend
Make mistakes and slowly amend.

I want to laugh, I want to cry
Behold the beauty as it passes by.

I want to rule because you are here
Days are lovely and skies are clear.

Flowers are blooming in the summer Sun
Lovely O' dear, life is fun.

We've been through the thunder,
We've been through the gray.
Now I'm sure we are together
And are meant to stay.

Seasons will come, seasons will go.
Friendship in our hearts will overflow.

Days are getting gloomy, Here comes the fall.
Unexpected it may be, but we hit the ball.

Taste is bitter, no more sweet.
Wine is crude and so is wheat.

Can't hear a word, cannot see a sign.
Did I lose it what I thought was mine?

My heart exploding like volcanoes erupt.
Collecting the pieces of bits what is left.

Everyday is hard and every night is bane.
Tearing my chest to bear the excruciating pain.

Mind is stable and knows the truth
Heart doesn't accept it and needs a soothe.

I know you are gone, and will never return.
But I am lonely, desperate, ready to burn.

Mistakes were made and mostly by me.
Couldn't see the smoke through the screen of glee.

Now that I realize, the village is ruined.
Thoughts are charred and feelings are burnt.

Believe me O' dear, over and above.
Worst is the pain in the SILENCE of love.