Monday, November 3, 2014


I want to run, I want to hold
Frolic and Chase the dreams untold.

I want to taste, I want to trend
Make mistakes and slowly amend.

I want to laugh, I want to cry
Behold the beauty as it passes by.

I want to rule because you are here
Days are lovely and skies are clear.

Flowers are blooming in the summer Sun
Lovely O' dear, life is fun.

We've been through the thunder,
We've been through the gray.
Now I'm sure we are together
And are meant to stay.

Seasons will come, seasons will go.
Friendship in our hearts will overflow.

Days are getting gloomy, Here comes the fall.
Unexpected it may be, but we hit the ball.

Taste is bitter, no more sweet.
Wine is crude and so is wheat.

Can't hear a word, cannot see a sign.
Did I lose it what I thought was mine?

My heart exploding like volcanoes erupt.
Collecting the pieces of bits what is left.

Everyday is hard and every night is bane.
Tearing my chest to bear the excruciating pain.

Mind is stable and knows the truth
Heart doesn't accept it and needs a soothe.

I know you are gone, and will never return.
But I am lonely, desperate, ready to burn.

Mistakes were made and mostly by me.
Couldn't see the smoke through the screen of glee.

Now that I realize, the village is ruined.
Thoughts are charred and feelings are burnt.

Believe me O' dear, over and above.
Worst is the pain in the SILENCE of love.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Thought

They gush through the nostrils of a giant one
Rising above the clear skies
Black and white, faded and chrome
millions of them call it a home.

My mind is like a whirlwind of thoughts
sometimes clear like a river, calm like a lake
sometimes like a tornado rooting out the trees on its way.

This is the place I love to be and these are the woods where I get lost
Powerless as they seem they drive the world
call it a poem or call it a thought

It flows through one and affects them all
Matures and evolves by feeding on its own
How are they born?

What is their existence?
An infant of thought can change the game

My mind is like a leaking barrel of ale
Missing the seconds and pass right by
I run to catch one and others leave
But the one that remains is quite a heave

They help me change and help me unroll
Holding their grip on my fickle perception
They form a story and help me define my person

Stories are the one that creates our character
Just so because we are on a huge stage and playing a part
It begins to be our life and we become the story
For the story remains even though we perish

Let thee not be stopped by the fear of judgment
Thoughts are rare and graceful
Washing your worries away and give way for hope
Help you nourish and keep you alive
Going the distance as they make thee wise

Older I get, wiser I be
And its the thought that wets the sword
Until I die I think and I share
For sharing changes me and the folks I meet

Take my words and mark my advise
Pull a deep breath and try to fall into a deep slumber
Let it go like you are falling from the sky
Let yourself away from the gloom
Free thyself from the abyss of ignorance

Wake up to be a new soul
Cleansed from the darkness and you shall bloom
Words are strong and mankind is a tool
Look out for the world and it shall look after you

Leave the shell as soon as you can
There is a whole new world out there waiting for you in a different land
Learn the ideas and discuss the thoughts
Praise the silence and nature of god

Let it rip through you and thy soul to see
For you are more than what you think you can be.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I Wish You Were Here

Dipping my feet in the lake crystal clear,
Listening the sound of the barking deer,
Sitting amid the mountains as they appear,
O, I wish you were here.

Walking the lane when the home is near,
Rain starts to pour filling me with cheer,
Washing away the stress and the painful smear,
O, I wish you were here.

Riding the bike changing the gear,
Its an empty road without a despair,
I looked in the mirror to find you there,
O, I wish you were here.

Gazing the stars like a chandelier,
Assembling them to find your smile so dear,
faint smile across my face and eyes full of tear,
O, I wish you were here.

Saw you sitting with a peaceful stare,
So close to me whispering in my ear,
I know its a dream but I don't wanna hear,
O, I wish you were here.

Sun looks cold its that time of year,
Just want to hold you with warm and gentle care,
Handful of snow over the grassy layer,
O, I wish you were here.

Days are gone but I am yet to adhere,
Time ran by and the end is near,
Desiring to bid you my final cheer,
O dear, I wish you were here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who am I?

Along the breath I inhale,
goes the minty cloud.

Gliding through the smoke,
Following the heavenly route.

Am I dead? Is this heaven?
I enter the golden gate,
Touching the silver rails.

Never did I see a perfect world like this,
No human in sight, just the angels basking in bliss.

There I see a fairy coming through,
My heart goes to her, but then there are two.

I glide & glide to look for more.
The more I look, the more they lure.

I made my mind to touch the one.
Hairs so beautiful and skin like sun.

Making my move in her direction,
With all nervousness and quiet perception.

As I move closer to her,
Siding though a huge mirror.

I glance upon it to take a peek,
Taken aback by the view, by the devil I seek.

Beholding my mind by astonishing thought,
What an ugly creature I sought.

Dawning upon me a horrible mystery,
The devil is none other but Me.

Walls started rising & Earth split.
Hands arise, pulling me down
Winds blow and clouds frown.

Ocean thunders and lightning strikes.
Earth shatters till the last piece remain,
Fear grows in my heart till I be sane.

Heart shakes and eyes wide shut,
No intuition nor a feel in the gut.

Light shines bright over my head,
Sweating and shivering I break the bed.

Smile on my face knowing its a dream,
Off of bed through I beam.

A thought strikes, buzzing like a drone
Who am I? Am I what I am, or What I think I am?

Monday, February 24, 2014


Passing through the passage I chose,
Among the woods, away from chaos,
Treading and beholding my breath as I walk

Inseperable once, we were so damn close,
Ways diverged as we went further along

Knowing 'tis the right way to go,
And it's the start I always wanted

Not aware of the end, I go on and on,
Trying to find the order out of chaos

As I move forward, clouds of skepticism encircle me around,
Losing my senses to oblivion, Can't hear a sound

Sometimes it feels you were so right,
When you were around, the skies were clear and the sun was bright

Though it felt empty in a corner of my soul,
And to fill the gap, I ran, far and forth, to realize a goal

Now that I can't see you anymore,
I am tired and confused. My legs are hurt and throat is sore

I need a ray of hope to shine over me,
To give me back my zeal and fill me with glee

Can't see you and I know you are far away,
But I can feel the love that is forbidden and not mine to sway

Darkness is darker than ever, trying to feed on my fear,
I am getting stronger everyday cos' I know it and I am aware

My vision is clear, I can see the path now that I chose,
Its bright, shining with hope, I can't see you but its more than that

Wheels turned around, how heedless of you,
You became my soul and more than that closer than ever

Monday, February 10, 2014

Experience vs Sagacity

If you are asked to choose one of them, which one would you? Let’s pick these two and discuss them individually.
Note: By sagacity I mean to establish a quality to be wise enough to understand any given situation as quickly as possible and suggest a solution for a problem at hand with extreme precision.
Experience is a quantifiable quality measured in terms of time and exposure to a certain scenario. A person who worked for 10 years as a carpenter is more experienced to a person who worked for 2 years. It’s a simple math. But it really does not gives a clear picture of a person’s understanding and depth of knowledge in any particular subject. On the other hand we have sagacity. It’s a quality which cannot be measured, but it can be felt. Sagacity is the quality possessed by astute and dedicated individuals. A person with no knowledge of a subject can be more productive than an experienced individual at times.
Now it depends on a person whether he/she wants to gain experience or sagacity. They are not the qualities that are gained by birth. They are acquired by time. I’m not saying that an experienced person is waste and is not worth giving respect. But considering an experienced person above a capable person is certainly intolerable. I will quote Ayn Ran here. “Why should ineptitude exists and have its say?” It’s not that experienced person is inept. He/she is certainly an asset, but he should use this asset to re-define the standards and produce sagacious humans.
Since I am from IT industry, I have seen experienced individuals getting promoted based on their level of seniority and inexperienced getting oppressed even after being capable of learning more quickly than the experienced person. This is not the ideal world we would wanna create for our future generation. We would like to promote talented and enthusiastic individuals. Then only we can consider the system to be fair and wise.
When I joined my first company, I was as experienced as a new-born. But the level of transparency I experienced there made me the man I am today. All my curiosity was nurtured by highly talented and experienced leaders. I was given a highly competitive environment, where I can prove myself to be better than even an experienced employee. I loved it and I cherished it. It helped me grow as much as I desired.
I experimented with different technologies and adopted untested methods. I failed and I tried again. I was considered as much man as my seniors were. And so I became one.
I would recommend all my countrymen, with all due respect as a proud Indian, to be open-minded and not be influenced by the sheer quantum of experience a person holds. There’s more to a person than just years on the resume. I would recommend that an individual should be judged based on the capability to deduce, discuss, analyze and scale based on the situation. This will certainly result in a drastic change of one's mentality towards every phase of life, hence leading to a better society.

 Brain learns slowly, experience is slow. Talent is fast. Take enough time, find your talent. Find something you love to do and invest yourself into that. Give life a shot.