Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid-Sems in Final year X-(

You must read this if you are a final year student.

I may be wrong somewhere but i strongly feel that the testing criteria of final year students need a reformation.

Engineering, now a days, is a common stream for many students who foresight der career as a person of innovation, a person who can visualize the solution of many problems in his domain; can come up with extra-ordinary ideas to beautify human life.

But, is the testing criteria for engineers well-engineered???

Three precious years of our course we spend in getting accustomed, learning various perspectives of life, facing different situations in our Industrial domains, learning technologies and trends.

So, what about the final-year? Should we continue giving several tests each month, cramming the xerox, books and internet material?? What about the thought-process,innovation,etc which we thought before joining the course??

Final year is the last milestone where we have chance of developing our mentality in such a way so as to face the career coming ahead. Employers will have a lotta expectations. We will be given all the real-time problems to deal with and that time we will fail to perform up-to the mark.

So why cant we reform the norms for final-year students??

The tests shud be more practical in nature. It shud not test the bookish knowledge and shud make a student think abt the solutions. The things which can be referred shud not be tested in exams. They shud test the concepts and make us feel to think ahead of the HERD.

Please correct me if am wrong.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Firefox Add-ons

I was wondering how these small add-ons just fully make us fall in love with the functions they provide.

I determined to start with firefox add-on development. And I came up with EasyZoomProxy :)

Regarding the name. I initially named it as "hello" ... in any case it doesnt look like an i professionalized it and named it easy-zoom-proxy ....since its a proxy changer and zoom because my friends often hear me saying that word...

Its kinda TM .. ;)

so please mail me if you have interest in forefox add-on development. I am ready to help anytime.

So try out my add-on at or ...

Please post your reviews and suggestions about the add-on .

Stay in touch !

Happy Inspire:Learn:Contribute !!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Displaying PNG images in IE-6

Till date Internet explorer is still the most widely used browser since it comes with MS Windows.

So many web-designers are concerned with the problem of displaying PNG images in IE-6 or previous versions. It gives transparency thus it is required at many places.

The problem can be fixed by a clever use of JavaScript.

Follow these steps in order to get perfect results:

Suppose you have an image ABC.PNG

Step 1: Download a js file of DD_belatedPNG_0.0.8a.js from

Step 2: write a small file with the name ie-fix.js and content


Step 3: Step 1: Create a span tag wherever u want to put your image and give its class as class="png"

Eg :

Step 4: Put your image as background image of this id.

Eg: #abc{






Friday, September 10, 2010

Make your pendrive,bootable...

Hi Guys,

There may be times when your CD-ROM does not work properly or may be you don't have a DVD to write the image of OS you need to install on your system.

So all you need to do is to have a 4GB pendrive and get started. Actually pendrive is flash memory so it installs faster than DVDs. enjoy!

(applicable for Win Vista and Win 7)

Step 1: First you need to format the pendrive or USB drive in NTFS format. This can be done by right clicking your pendrive icon and choosing format option.

Step 2: Now from the start menu right click on command prompt and choose "Run as administrator".

Step 3: Now type the following commands, hitting enter after each command
( ;) being more explanatory)
note:commands are not case-sensitive.

- diskpart .The disk part program windows will open.
- list disk .This will show the list of disks in your computer.
- Note down the disk number of your pendrive from the list eg. Disk 1.
- select disk 1 . If your pendrive is disk 1 in list
- clean
- FORMAT FS=NTFS . (be patient it takes some time)
- EXIT .
(Now the disk partition program will exit)

Now we need to give some more commands.

Open the location where you have the image (.iso) file of the OS.
Open it with winrar.
Extract the BOOT folder to a convinient location . say C:\BOOT
Now goto command prompt and bring it to c:\boot>
If your pendrive letter is I: type this command - BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 I:
to update your USB drive with bootmgr code.

Finally extract all the contents from the Windows Vista/7 .iso image to your Pendrive. Make sure you don't cause any errors.

Now set the boot priority to your pendrive from bios and you can proceed with the installation as normal.