Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid-Sems in Final year X-(

You must read this if you are a final year student.

I may be wrong somewhere but i strongly feel that the testing criteria of final year students need a reformation.

Engineering, now a days, is a common stream for many students who foresight der career as a person of innovation, a person who can visualize the solution of many problems in his domain; can come up with extra-ordinary ideas to beautify human life.

But, is the testing criteria for engineers well-engineered???

Three precious years of our course we spend in getting accustomed, learning various perspectives of life, facing different situations in our Industrial domains, learning technologies and trends.

So, what about the final-year? Should we continue giving several tests each month, cramming the xerox, books and internet material?? What about the thought-process,innovation,etc which we thought before joining the course??

Final year is the last milestone where we have chance of developing our mentality in such a way so as to face the career coming ahead. Employers will have a lotta expectations. We will be given all the real-time problems to deal with and that time we will fail to perform up-to the mark.

So why cant we reform the norms for final-year students??

The tests shud be more practical in nature. It shud not test the bookish knowledge and shud make a student think abt the solutions. The things which can be referred shud not be tested in exams. They shud test the concepts and make us feel to think ahead of the HERD.

Please correct me if am wrong.


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