Monday, February 14, 2011

Human vs Facebook

For those who are in my FB friends' list, they know that I de-activated my FB account for few weeks. That time i spent in an amazing way and it was quite productive+fruitful.

I appreciate Zhukerberg for creating such a wonderful web-app, which changed the definition of web 2.0 and other web-standards. It gave personality to Internet and benefitted many people in various forms.

But what about HUMAN?!

I heard back in my schools that "Human is a 'social' Animal". But now I think they need to change this phrase. People find more people over Internet. They connect with those who they never even met. Many times you come across a person with whom you never ever talked but you are "friends" on FB. They dont say a 'hi' when they meet, but they "chat-ping-like-comment".

FB was supposed to change the definition of Internet. Increase the interaction of the ones whom we forgot. Make people meet when they are free.

But, instead of doing that, it has changed the definition of Human. Now, a majority of people on this Planet are "SOCIAL" in the sense of FB+Internet. But, in a broader perspective, we have lost the social-ity , and became just ANIMALS.

Soon, they'll teach in schools that- "Human is an animal".[which is obviously truth].

This post is not meant for FB-fans who spent all their liesure time over it. But for those who think they lost something by exposing themselves too much "socially" on FB.

I dont wanna be harsh in my words but the "social network" is becoming a "social abuse"

I may be wrong in my thinking.Comments and suggestions are most welcomed :)


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