Saturday, January 5, 2013

Life, Universe and Everything...

Today a question popped in my head after watching a video on youtube. A question which is very common and almost every human on this planet should have thought about it once in a while.

"What is the purpose of universe and everything that exists around us?" "Why its there in being? A big fat WHY?"

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I asked this very question to few of my friends and i received various set of replies. Some of them are like:

Frnd1: "Why should I care? I am concerned by what happens to myself."
Me: "Dont you feel grateful for universe to create you using stardust generated billions of years back? Dont you have curiosity to know about it and what it is upto?"
Frnd1: "how will that affect the universe? I cannot make a difference in the being of universe but I can make a difference in my being so better I think about myself rather than wasting my time in thinking about universe."
Me: "But how will you make a difference even in your life without setting a goal? And that goal should be something logical. Finally that is also a gift given to you by universe."
Frnd1: "I am a very tiny object in universe and there is a probability of having several other Earths and galaxy where someone is doing something"
Me: "Take an example of this scooty. Its a solid. It has atoms vibrating at a particular frequncy and maintaining the equilibrium of this body and hence it is stable and it exists. Likewise you are a tiny atom in this universe and you will have to contribute your part in its being. Else equilibrium will break and your existence is in danger."
   ... some random discussion over probability rules and mathematics.
Frnd2: "This Universe is created by God. There is a divine power governing the laws of nature and that driving force decides our and Universe's fate"
Me: "I respect your views but what about the cosmic history and all the past evidences?"
Frnd2: "We cannot possibly know this or else we would have been great sages"
So before having this discussion I had a point of view. Here goes my understanding:

- Humans came into existence 16 million years back, Earth came 46 billion years back and Universe came 100s of billions of years back. This time period is called cosmic history. So how much part of cosmic history belongs to humans? Its 0.000001%. [Its like we go for a movie and watched just 2 seconds of it yet. We do not know what happened and what's gonna happen]. So before us there were several creatures that existed and got extinct. Several species formed and got destroyed. Asteroids hit, rainfall, ice age, etc. So why this is happening? What's the final product?

Let's look at it as a chemical reaction. Each chemical has a starting product -> an intermediate unstable product -> final product

So the intermediate unstable product obviously doesn't live long enough and soon gets converted to another more stable form. So in case of universe and Earth, many intermediate unstable products formed, destroyed, converted. If we look at our percentage of living we also did not live long enough to be called a stable product yet. So are we a by-product of Universe reaction? How long this intermediate result gonna last? What's there next? If we are the final stable product, didn't it take too long to form it? Is Universe so inefficient? If we are just an unstable state then how should we contribute to be a good final product? What's the purpose of human life and hence What's the purpose and motif of Universe?

Its said that our (Indian) vedas were written by highly learned sages who knew everything. Still they were humans and they found out what happened before in the "so-called movie". They found out and they wrote stories based on accumulated wisdom of ages. I think what our aim can be is to understand the knowledge accumulated till now through vedas, etc and try to contribute to it further.

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This question is still lingering and its answer is  unknown, hidden in the womb of future.

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