Sunday, July 24, 2011


{First things first}. A very commonly used phrase to decide the priorities. So what about your first job? Your first girlfriend? Your first success? Your first failure? Your first countable decision? And so on...

Now lets come to the current context. A day starting with a nice fresh sunny morning, followed by hour long rush of Chennai traffic, and reaching the destination hoping to have a wonderful optimistic start. A group of 15 freshers entering a huge building with almost similar thoughts. A group of people with nearly similar exposure to industry. All of 'em curious to know the next part of the story. All of 'em ready to try new tools provided by the new alma mater.

So here we are at the starting point of a new journey.

{Curtain rises...}
{Welcome speeches and intros...}

So we finally feel at home now with few confusions and differences . We are hired to ascend :P. Though english doesn't seem to be a very common language, communication is over-rated.

Work seems to be fun now with highly caring sprecialists. The crew of strangers became friends.
Seniors will be seniors and will be respected. New sports introduced as a relief to work. And the day starts now with a cup of coffee, ends with a friendly game of table-tennis.

That's it for now!


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