Monday, February 24, 2014


Passing through the passage I chose,
Among the woods, away from chaos,
Treading and beholding my breath as I walk

Inseperable once, we were so damn close,
Ways diverged as we went further along

Knowing 'tis the right way to go,
And it's the start I always wanted

Not aware of the end, I go on and on,
Trying to find the order out of chaos

As I move forward, clouds of skepticism encircle me around,
Losing my senses to oblivion, Can't hear a sound

Sometimes it feels you were so right,
When you were around, the skies were clear and the sun was bright

Though it felt empty in a corner of my soul,
And to fill the gap, I ran, far and forth, to realize a goal

Now that I can't see you anymore,
I am tired and confused. My legs are hurt and throat is sore

I need a ray of hope to shine over me,
To give me back my zeal and fill me with glee

Can't see you and I know you are far away,
But I can feel the love that is forbidden and not mine to sway

Darkness is darker than ever, trying to feed on my fear,
I am getting stronger everyday cos' I know it and I am aware

My vision is clear, I can see the path now that I chose,
Its bright, shining with hope, I can't see you but its more than that

Wheels turned around, how heedless of you,
You became my soul and more than that closer than ever

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