Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who am I?

Along the breath I inhale,
goes the minty cloud.

Gliding through the smoke,
Following the heavenly route.

Am I dead? Is this heaven?
I enter the golden gate,
Touching the silver rails.

Never did I see a perfect world like this,
No human in sight, just the angels basking in bliss.

There I see a fairy coming through,
My heart goes to her, but then there are two.

I glide & glide to look for more.
The more I look, the more they lure.

I made my mind to touch the one.
Hairs so beautiful and skin like sun.

Making my move in her direction,
With all nervousness and quiet perception.

As I move closer to her,
Siding though a huge mirror.

I glance upon it to take a peek,
Taken aback by the view, by the devil I seek.

Beholding my mind by astonishing thought,
What an ugly creature I sought.

Dawning upon me a horrible mystery,
The devil is none other but Me.

Walls started rising & Earth split.
Hands arise, pulling me down
Winds blow and clouds frown.

Ocean thunders and lightning strikes.
Earth shatters till the last piece remain,
Fear grows in my heart till I be sane.

Heart shakes and eyes wide shut,
No intuition nor a feel in the gut.

Light shines bright over my head,
Sweating and shivering I break the bed.

Smile on my face knowing its a dream,
Off of bed through I beam.

A thought strikes, buzzing like a drone
Who am I? Am I what I am, or What I think I am?

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