Monday, April 14, 2014

I Wish You Were Here

Dipping my feet in the lake crystal clear,
Listening the sound of the barking deer,
Sitting amid the mountains as they appear,
O, I wish you were here.

Walking the lane when the home is near,
Rain starts to pour filling me with cheer,
Washing away the stress and the painful smear,
O, I wish you were here.

Riding the bike changing the gear,
Its an empty road without a despair,
I looked in the mirror to find you there,
O, I wish you were here.

Gazing the stars like a chandelier,
Assembling them to find your smile so dear,
faint smile across my face and eyes full of tear,
O, I wish you were here.

Saw you sitting with a peaceful stare,
So close to me whispering in my ear,
I know its a dream but I don't wanna hear,
O, I wish you were here.

Sun looks cold its that time of year,
Just want to hold you with warm and gentle care,
Handful of snow over the grassy layer,
O, I wish you were here.

Days are gone but I am yet to adhere,
Time ran by and the end is near,
Desiring to bid you my final cheer,
O dear, I wish you were here.

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